We provide and implement Professional Service including Assesssments, Cyber-Security services, Strategic consulting, Security management health check and GRC services which are tailored to your needs and compliance requirements.   With experience and extensive industry qualifications we are able to provide the relevant services your organisation may need.

Professional Services - Cyber-Security Services

Remote and On-site Support
  • Fast and effective service
  • Cost effective
  • Extended support hours
  • Ad-hoc basis or on a regular business schedule
Cyber-Security Monitoring
  • Having a holistic view of your information technology environment will allow the business to proactively response to security incidents
Cyber-Security Remedition
  • Develop a prioritised remediation plan to address any identified cyber risks in your business
  • Assist with the management and execution of that plan to ensure the benefits from the initial information security review are realised
Cyber-Security Software Management
  • Comprehensive vendor software management
  • Single point of contract for incident and problem management
  • Proactive guidance to prevent issues and reduced software downtime
  • Enhancements to increase the software value

Strategic Consulting

Cyber Security Professional Services
  • Strategic planning for solution design, testing, implementation and support
  • Improvements and reviews of existing solutions
  • Solution integration services
Cyber Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Security awareness planning
  • Cyber-security planning, audits, best practice guidance
  • Solution procurement assistance
CISO and v-CISO Services
  • This services helps client strategize, plan and execute a viable information securtity program by combining the vision of executive leadership with the needs of securing the business into a cohesive, actionable information security program


Vulnerability Assessments 
  • Improve the cyber risk posture of a business
  • This is a process that defines, identifies, and classifies the security holes (vulnerabilities) in a computer, network and application
  • Technical control evaluation
Cyber-Security Posture Risk Assessment
  • By performing a cyber-security posture assessment, a client will have a clear view of the security status and possible security threats within the business, on both a micro and macro level. This will allow clients to make risk-based decisions by better understanding the value of its assests
Technical Control Assessment
  • Best pracice security control framework used to measure the presence and effectiveness of the technical control in the environment
  • Establish policies declaring a desired state of technical control maturity
Source Code Assessment
  • Source code assessment is an automated method of testing source code for the purpose of weaknesses