Our Team deliver support, deployment and managed services for the solutions we provide. 
Further we offer training to your team should you require this. 

Identity and Access Management

• User Access Management Build Secure
• Single Sign-On /Universal directory 
• Adaptive MFA
• API Access Management
• Advanced Server Access
• Access Gateway
• Authentication / Authorisation


• Authentication Hardware Key
• Multi-protocol security keys FIDO, PIV, OTP, TOTP, HOTP 
• Strong two-factor, multi-factor and passwordless-authentication
• USB-A, USB-C, NFC and Lightning
• HSM- cryptographic protection for servers
• Low Friction, deploy at scale, Phishing and MiTM resistant


• Protect Endpoints regardless of user, device or location 
• Simple deployment / BitLocker management 
• Integrate with existing authentication processes
• Manage all devices and Self Encrypting drives regardless of OS
• Encrypt External media & Port control    

Collaboration – Private Cloud

• Protect sensitive information and increase productivity
• Easy online collaboration and seamless workflow integration 
• Analyze your strategic options with complete confidentiality
• Maximize security, compliance and efficiency
• Automate routine back office file transers
• Simplify and lock down SFTP access
• Analyze your strategic options with complete confidentiality


Mobile Device Manager (MDM & UEM)

• App access management
• Identity integration / Single sign-on
• Enterprise productivity
• Unified End Point Management
• Automate IT processes
• Third Party integrations & Single Console
• Protects Corporate Apps and Data on Any Network
• Frictionless and secure access to business applications

Email Security

• Secure Email Gateway
• Stops: Spear-Phishing
• Impersonation & Ransomware
• Internal Security Threats
• Advanced Threat Protection
• Email Archiving
• Cloud service / Local (SA) hosted data center
• E-branding (email banner)

Mobile and Network Security

• Zero Trust Remote Access
• Secure Browser Access
• Mobile Secure Container
• Secure File Sharing
• Mobile Device Management
• Network Access Control (self learning & automatic Certs)

Security into Office365 & SharePoint

• Dynamic Data-Centric Security 
• Identify, classify, secure, monitor sensitive information 
• File-level dynamic user access and sharing
• Secure Collaboration across
• On-premise file shares and SharePoint
• Cloud – Office365, SharePoint /Box/ Dropbox
• Social – Teams & Yammer
• Protect files Leveraging Microsoft AIP and other metadata

Endpoint Visibility and Control

• Asset Management
• Visibility & Control (remote wipe & freeze)
• Data identification and control
• Endpoint data discovery
• Detect Endpoint Risks, find and fix Vulnerabilities
• Device Lifecycle Management
• Customizable dashboard, reports and alerts
• Measure device usage
• Automate hardware inventory
• Monitor installed software
• Assess security posture
• Monitor application health

Security Awareness Training

• Training videos & Assessments
• Simulated Phishing Attacks
• Vishing tests & Targeted Spear Phishing
• Social Engineering
• Advanced Reporting

Cloud Security

• Security in the cloud, for the cloud 
• Guard sensitive data with award-winning DLP 
• Stop elusive cloud threats and malware
• Next Gen-Secure Web Gateway
• Real time data and threat protection
• Public Cloud Security
• Private Access Control Management
• Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
• Third Party integrations & Single Console
• Safely enable unmanaged and business-led cloud services

Next-Generation Antivirus and Behavioral EDR

• Investigate attacks in real-time
• Consolidate multiple endpoint agents into one
• Secure remote offices and mobile workforces
• Protection from known and unknown attacks
• Clear alerts and prioritization of potential attacks
• Easier investigation into security incidents
• Faster mean time to resolution (MTTR)
• Reduced overhead; no infrastructure required
• Prioritized alerts, attack chain visualizations

Next-Generation Antivirus and ED

• Single Agent – with multiple applications
• Protection from known and unknown attacks
• Cloud delivered end point protection
• Endpoint detection and response (EDR)
• Device control, vulnerability assessment and IT hygiene
• Prioritized alerts, attack chain visualizations, and in-product response
• 24/7 proactive threat hunting