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As one of the fastest-growing cyber security specialists in the Sub-Sahara Africa, we help our clients to proactively understand and protect against the ever-evolving threat landscape by offering them security expertise, driven by a team of passionate experts, with a personal touch.

Protect Data. Prevent Threats. Manage Endpoints.

Award winning solutions that evolve with your workforce.



Intelligent Data Security for Office 365 & SharePoint Collaboration

Discover and Secure Sensitive Data Do you know where your unstructured content in your organization is being created, shared and stored? Are you sure that your sensitive data is adequately protected and only available to the appropriate individuals? NC Protect locates and classifies sensitive and confidential data (PII, IP, HIPAA, HR, etc.) using a single set of rules for one or […]

Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) Developed for Agility

Always On Single Sign-on Reliable integration for SSO to all your web and mobile apps, with a full-featured federation engine and flexible access policy. Customizable User Experience One, user-friendly way for end-users to access all their applications, tailored to each device and fully customizable. Secure Directory with Integration A flexible and secure user store, integration to AD/LDAP across multiple domains […]

Go Passwordless with Yubikey & Microsoft Azure AD

Your key to a safer Internet The YubiKey sets new global standards for strong two-factor and passwordless authentication.




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