Discover and Secure Sensitive Data

Do you know where your unstructured content in your organization is being created, shared and stored? Are you sure that your sensitive data is adequately protected and only available to the appropriate individuals? NC Protect locates and classifies sensitive and confidential data (PII, IP, HIPAA, HR, etc.) using a single set of rules for one or multiple on-premises and cloud environments. Automatically encrypt or quarantine files when required.

Prevent Data Loss, Misuse and Human Error

NC Protect complements the powerful content publishing and collaborative features in SharePoint and Office 365 by enabling users to monitor content at rest and restrict content in transit to protect against data loss and misuse. Dynamically adjust file access security and in-transit encryption based on real-time comparison of user context and file content. Ensure users share and use files according to your regulations and policies across all devices and locations.

Enable an Intelligent Workplace

AI-driven security applies your information protection rules to automatically make decisions on what users can do with business files to reduce employee mistakes, data loss and unauthorized access. With NC Protect, IT administrators can manage user access without creating more security groups, more sites, libraries or folders. Instead, IT administrators define access rules and usage rights to efficiently and dynamically control access and user actions.


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